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Childish name-calling among Kentuckys power elite an embarrassment to civil discourse

This tirade was apparently of such seismic importance that it merited yet another round of coverage the next day, when this former employee tweeted that he’d been misunderstood, and it was never about the seats (even though his letter referenced the seats five times). Local media outlets scrambled all over each other to “break” the details of every one of these dustups, and, admittedly, WAVE 3 News was no exception. But maybe it’s time to break this cycle. When a 5-year old calls another kid a boogerhead, very few news alerts go out. It’s hard to see why the playground-level taunts of wealthy adults should merit any more attention. Of course, some of this stuff can veer into newsworthiness. Papa John’s (the corporation, not the Disgraced Pizza Mogul) is responsible for thousands of jobs, and millions of dollars in the local economy. Anything that impacts the company’s viability is real news. By the same token, Pitino has a multi-million-dollar lawsuit against a public university, and the governor is our elected Chief Executive.

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Evolution of slot machine games

A good number of people have taken to playing slots online or in land-based casinos because of the entertainment the game provides. However, the question is this; Have you ever given a thought to how slot machines came into existence? Regardless of whether you’re interested in this question or not, the truth is that slot machines have a very rich heritage, with the first slot to come into existence dating back over a hundred years. As the years progressed, recent advancements in technology led to the evolution of different slot games. This article will throw some light on the history of slot machines. In 1891, a New York-based company known as Sittman and Pitt developed a card machine, and this is considered as the precursor of the first true slot machine.

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